Ana Dubruque

International Student Ambassador

Home Country – France

Institution – Edith Cowan University

Course - Sport Science

I moved to Perth two years ago when I commenced my studies in Cert III – IV Fitness. Sport has been present throughout all my life, and I love sciences, I also want to work in the research field, I am a very curious individual. Studying at ECU was the obvious choice for me. I would like to participate in international competitions for calisthenics, I would also like to gain work experiences in a lab doing research, discovering, as well as obtain opportunities which will allow me to travel ( I am a travel addict ) and always learn something new, also share my experiences with others.

I spend most of my time doing sport and I am dedicated to Calisthenics, but I also like to go surf, longboarding. I'm always keen to discover new things, do something that I've never done before, who knows anything can become a new hobby anytime in our life.