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Take advantage of WA’s thriving economy with a diverse range of exciting employment opportunities available to international students in this beautiful part of the world.

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Boasting a diverse range of job prospects, Perth is an attractive destination to start or further your career.

With one of the best-performing economies in the world, a thriving start-up scene and an abundance of exciting industries, there’s no shortage of amazing career opportunities after graduation.

Careers Connect

At StudyPerth, we understand the challenges you, as an international student, face when pursuing your career goals. StudyPerth Careers Connect program is here to enhance your employability and support you in finding meaningful employment, whether in your dream job or a casual one while you study.

Did you know that Western Australia is classified as a regional destination?

Discover the work visa benefits on offer for international students in Perth.

Perth alumni stories

Hear from international students currently studying in Perth.

"I help the customer choose the right application for their own field."
"As a business analyst, I provide consultation for clients. "
"There are many opportunities, and you have a strong chance of finding a position here."

What jobs are in demand in Perth?

Known for its diverse economy, Western Australia offers a range of job opportunities across various industries.

Western Australia is the fourth largest employing state (accounting for
11% of the national workforce), with employment primarily located in Perth.

The major industries in Perth include mining, resources, and energy, which have played a significant role in the region's booming.

Health Care and Social Assistance are also high-demand industries due to Australia’s ageing population.

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