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Moving to Perth

Perth is a place like no other. To make your move as easy as possible, we’ve put together all the information and advice you need to live and study in a beautiful city where everyone belongs.

Making the move to the city where students shine

We want every international student to experience the vibrant lifestyle and endless opportunities the beautiful city of Perth offers.

The decision to live and study in a new city is a big one, so we want to ensure you have everything you need before you leave, while you’re travelling, and when you arrive so that you feel at home the minute you step off the plane.

Student stories

Get helpful advice, tips and from students who have already made the move

"I prefer quieter cities with more natural features, so Perth is best for me."
"WA has good career options and opportunities for international students."
"There's always something new to explore here in Perth."

Explore Perth and its suburbs

Use our interactive map to discover the near-endless amount of exciting things to do and places to see in or beautiful state. Create your own WA bucket list for a truly unforgettable experience.

Making the move to Perth even easier

The WA Government understands the cost involved in living and studying abroad as an international student. To make setting up home in Western Australia easier, financial assistance is now available through a number of unique new student incentives and scholarships.

Connect with our student community

Make new connections and form lifelong friendships by attending our range of events designed to help international students get the most out of their Perth experience.

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