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Student Homestays and Boarding Schools

Stay with a family for a true Australian experience, or enjoy the convenience that comes with boarding school accommodation - the choice is yours.

Homestay and Boarding School accommodation in Perth

Homestay and boarding school accommodation are both popular options for international students in Perth.

Homestays are perfect for students who want to live with a local family and experience Australian culture firsthand. It’s a great way to learn or improve your English language skills while being part of a supportive family environment.

Providing a complete educational and living experience, boarding school accommodation is available at most private secondary schools in Perth and includes both meals and laundry services.

Homestay accommodation in Perth

Student homestays provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to live in, often matching you with a host family near the institution where you will be studying.

Single or shared rooms are usually available, with access to shared living spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Meals are often included, but cheaper self-catering homestay options are available. Living with a family is a great way to get acquainted with the Australian way of life and provides that extra support for when you’re living away from home. When choosing your Homestay company, it’s important to ensure the company adheres to the Australian Government Schools International (AGSI) Homestay Standards.


  • Affordable option
  • Safe and supportive family environment
  • Meals included
  • Great way to learn or improve your English language skills
  • Convenient locations

Average price of homestay accommodation in Perth: $235 to $325 AUD per week

Boarding schools in Perth

A more expensive accommodation option for students, boarding schools provide a safe and secure environment where you can focus on your studies.

Perth boarding schools also offer a unique opportunity for you to experience a new culture and mix with students from different backgrounds.

Boarding schools typically offer a range of facilities and activities, including sports, music, and arts programs, which can be a great way for you to make new friends and get involved in the school community.


  • Safe and secure environment
  • Living and mixing with students from different backgrounds
  • Access to extracurricular activities
  • Academic support
  • Independent living

Average price of boarding schools in Perth: $11,000 to $22,000 AUD per year

On-campus student accommodation providers

Australian Boarding Schools Association

Many private secondary schools provide accommodation, meals and laundry services for international students. Tuition fees are in addition to the boarding fees. You will live in a dormitory with other students of the same sex and will be supervised by adults.

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Boarding Expo

The Boarding Schools Expo will help you learn more about finding the right boarding school in Perth.

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Join the Perth International Students Facebook group

Connect with a wonderful community of international students currently living in Perth. It’s also a great place to find accommodation with rooms and properties regularly advertised. 

Free support services for students

If you’re having trouble organising your accommodation in Perth, we can help. Our dedicated Student Support Officers can guide you through the process and provide you with all the information you need to secure your preferred student accommodation.