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Levels of Study

No matter where you want to go in the future, Perth has the study option available to get you there.

Choose from multiple levels of education

If you're considering studying in Perth, you can relax knowing that Western Australia's education system offers you a wide range of options.

With multiple levels of education available, WA's system (known as the Australian Qualifications Framework) links higher education, vocational studies, and upper-secondary schooling through study pathways and awards.

The system simplifies the process, making it easy to transition between different levels of education and switch institutions - as long as your visa requirements are met.

Education pathways to your dream career

Whatever career you aspire to, we have the study pathway available to help get you there.

Based on your ability, you can choose where you start your studies with the option to enter at any stage of your education.

How to apply

Follow the simple steps to find and apply for your perfect course so all that’s left to do is book your flights.