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Postgraduate Studies

Take your university education to the next level and get closer to your dream career with postgraduate studies offered by Perth’s world-class universities and colleges.

Postgraduate Studies in Perth

Home to world-class universities and higher education colleges, Perth is an ideal destination to further your education.

With exceptional facilities, cutting-edge research opportunities, and supportive learning environments, Perth’s institutions provide everything you need to take the next step towards your dream career.

International students can choose from a diverse range of postgraduate programs across various fields, including engineering, business, health sciences, and more.

The city's strong economy and thriving industries provide excellent prospects for internships and employment opportunities, enhancing your career prospects upon graduation.

Fast-track your career or take your studies in a new direction with the wide range of postgraduate study options available to students in Perth.

Did you know that if you hold an international Masters and PhD student visa, you could have the school fees for your children waived?

You will still be required to pay certain contributions, charges and fees and the tuition fee waiver only applies during your study period.

What is Postgraduate?

Postgraduate study in Australia is designed for international and local students with a specific career in mind. 

To meet entry requirements, you need to have completed an undergraduate qualification before enrolling. 

Postgraduate qualifications include:

  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma

  • A Master Degree in Australia for international students and local students

  • A Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Australia for international students and local students)

  • A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Australia for international and local students).

Why Perth?

Renowned for its high-quality universities and vibrant academic community, Perth offers an unbeatable location for international students looking to further their studies. 

Every university and college in Perth offers:

  • A wealth of academic resources

  • World-leading science and research facilities

  • A dynamic and stimulating learning environment

  • Internationally-renowned academic staff

  • Student support, guidance and career counselling

  • Modern recreational facilities

  • Religious facilities such as prayer rooms.

The levels of postgraduate studies

To start a Graduate Certificate, you must first obtain a Bachelor's degree. The Graduate Certificate program typically takes six months and is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge in specific areas related to your undergraduate studies or gain expertise in a new field.

Graduate Diplomas usually require a Bachelor's degree or higher, much like Graduate Certificates. However, in some instances, work experience can be accepted for admission. These programs are offered by universities and private institutions and typically take a year to finish.

A masters degree is the highest-level postgraduate qualification you can get before a doctorate and is designed to help you specialise in your field, re-skill for a new industry or take on a specific research project. A masters degree takes two years of full-time study to complete.

A Doctoral degree, also known as a PhD, is the highest award at Australian universities and can open the door to better employment, higher wages, and industry recognition. It typically takes three years to complete and requires you to conduct original research that significantly contributes to your study field.

Explore Perth and its suburbs

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