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Property and Built Environment

Shape the future of our built world by studying the art and science behind the design, construction and adaption of man-made structures and landscapes.

Studying Property & Built Environment in Perth

Property & Built Environment is a multi-disciplinary field with immense potential for meaningful and fulfilling careers.

When you study Property & Built Environment, you explore the intricate relationship between humans and the spaces we inhabit. And, as cities grow and evolve, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can envision and create sustainable, efficient, and resilient spaces. 

Average cost of a Property & Built Environment degree in Australia?

Prices range from approximately AUD $25,000 to AUD $40,000 per year.*

*Tuition fees can vary depending on factors such as the specific university, the level of the degree (undergraduate or postgraduate), and the chosen field of study within the science discipline.

Student stories

Listen to what students from all over the world love most about living and studying in Perth.

"Perth is a city of engineers, especially because of its big mining industry."
"Perth has given me safety, opportunity, and a sense of belonging."
"I chose Perth because it is close to my home country, Malaysia."

Theoretical Content

As a student, you will learn how to integrate structural and aesthetic elements in buildings, and construction methods, techniques and materials.

The theoretical content includes:

  • Aesthetics and space dynamics
  • Building economics
  • Building science
  • Building techniques and technologies
  • Construction management
  • Architectural design and drawing
  • Town planning

Fields of work

This study area comprises the following fields of work:

  • Architecture and urban environment
  • Building

Potential careers

When you study Property & Built Environment, it opens the doors to a diverse range of exciting careers.

With a qualification from a leading international education provider, you’ll build incredible employability prospects and gain the practical experience you need to build a successful career.

Graduates can pursue a range of careers in:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design or decoration
  • Construction
  • Building surveying

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