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Information Technology and Computer Science

Help revolutionise the ways businesses and industries operate. A technology continues to advance, you can develop global solutions that make a real difference in society.

Information Technology and Computer Science in Perth

As we move through a period of unprecedented technological change, there's never been more demand for highly-skilled people who can help businesses adapt to this modern tech-focused landscape.

When you study Information Technology and Computer Science, you'll learn how AI and cybersecurity are transforming the world through the combination of creative thinking and practical application. With the help of world-leading experts, you'll build the technical and professional skills required to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

With a range of medical courses available to study in Perth, you'll leave with great job prospects within this high-demand industry.

Did you know that out of the top ten jobs expected to grow the most in Australia in the near future, two are in IT and computing?

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Theoretical Content

As a student within this broad field, you will gain an understanding of programming languages, information management, and artificial intelligence and be able to apply them to solve problems.

The theoretical content includes:

  • Computation theory
  • Computer programming
  • Data format and coding
  • Management, storage and retrieval of information in a computer environment
  • Robotics programming and artificial intelligence
  • Systems analysis

Fields of work and careers

This study area comprises the following fields of work:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Other Information Technology

Information Technology and Computer Science is designed to prepare you for careers in high-demand areas of computing.

With a qualification from a leading international education provider, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in this rapidly growing and evolving sector.

Graduates can pursue careers as a:

  • Computer programmer
  • IT professional
  • Computer security professional
  • Software engineer/developer

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