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Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Develop your creative and critical thinking skills to create meaningful change in the world.

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Perth

Unlock your creative side as you learn to understand and reshape the world analytically and imaginatively.  

When you study Humanities, arts and social sciences, you'll look at the ways culture, social structures, and institutions shape our behaviour and beliefs and how we, as individuals and groups, influence and are influenced by the world around us.

With a blend of theory and research, you'll cover a diverse range of subjects, including history and archaeology, social sciences, language, literature and culture, and the creative arts. 

You'll also gain valuable transferable skills relevant to various employers and industries.

Did you know that graduates in this field are often hired by global companies like Google, Microsoft and Samsung?

Student stories

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Theoretical Content

As a student within this broad field, you will gain an understanding of human behaviour and interaction, beliefs and values, cultural expression, and social structure and organisation.

The theoretical content includes:

  • Belief and value systems

  • Cultural expression

  • Human development and behaviour

  • Human populations and their environments

  • Politics of power

  • Social organisation and structure

  • Social research methodology

Fields of work

This study area comprises the following fields of work:

  • Political Science and Policy Studies

  • Studies in Human Society

  • Human Welfare Studies and Services

  • Behavioural Science

  • Law

  • Justice and Law Enforcement

  • Librarianship, Information Management and Curatorial Studies

  • Language and Literature

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Economics and Econometrics

  • Sport and Recreation

  • Other Society and Culture

A Humanities, arts and social sciences degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities across various industries.

Graduates can engage with world issues to reimagine solutions for people across the globe.

With a qualification from a leading international education provider, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in this rapidly growing and evolving sector. 

Graduates can pursue careers as a: 

  • Behavioural Scientist

  • Political Scientist

  • Linguist

  • Researcher

  • Translator 

  • Teacher 

  • Diplomat

  • Journalist 

  • Community worker 

  • Policy advisor

  • Human service officer 

  • Overseas aid worker

  • Historian,

  • Foreign correspondent

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