Pathway Studies

Western Australia’s education institutions offer flexible, fully-integrated pathways to university-level study.

Customised bridging programs and student support services are available to help you reach enrolment criteria and apply successfully for the university and the course of your choice.

Explore your options below

If you know which course you’d like to study, or have already chosen your university, then you can take a subject-specific Certificate or Diploma course at a pathway college that’s affiliated with your chosen university. 

When you’ve finished your course, you’re guaranteed entry into a first or second-year undergraduate degree program at that university.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can complete a general foundation course that doesn’t restrict your choice of degree or university. This option is especially suited to younger students who haven’t chosen a career yet.

Many Western Australian universities offer foundation studies on-campus. This means that while you’re studying to meet general course requirements, you can experience real university life and take advantage of all academic resources, recreational facilities and student groups.

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