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Students in Perth enjoy an exceptional education, under guidance from industry-leading lecturers and researchers.

Why study in Perth? As an education destination of the future, there are countless courses available to study in Perth. Choose from a range of internationally accredited universities and colleges, exceptional English language institutions, hands-on vocational education colleges, reputable schools and pathway providers which offer entry into university courses.

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Live in Perth

Student accommodation worldwide is in demand, but we are here to support and point you in the right direction
StudyPerth are working with many accommodation
providers in Perth to ensure international students
have a variety of accommodation types, including
short-term options if they arrive with no
accommodation sorted.

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Scholarships in Perth

The WA Government is offering incentives and scholarships for international students.

The WA Government recognises the cost involved in being an international student and is offering financial assistance through a number of unique new student incentives and scholarships. These are designed to support international students as they set up home here in Western Australia.

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Work in Perth

Education is the key to success, and our institutions, courses and degrees will get you on the path to a successful career.

WA boasts a prosperous economy with diverse work opportunities and innovative projects. While studying here, you can also work in Perth and gain experience through the many student internships on offer. Take advantage of StudyPerth’s career support – our free employability portal, career coaching and Jobs Board – to kickstart your career success.

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