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Convenience and Transport

Perth is a city built on convenience with an expansive network of easy and affordable transport options to help you get around.

A city centred around convenience

Relatively small in size compared to other major cities, Perth boasts a number of affordable and reliable transport options to make getting around easy.

With an expansive transport network, capped pricing and free buses in major entertainment and business districts, you can anywhere you need to go quickly and affordably.

Plus, with Perth’s warm Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, save money and get some exercise by travelling around the city by bike or on foot.

Public transport in Perth

Perth offers convenience and connection with an expansive public transport network run by Transperth that includes buses, trains and ferries.

To use public transport in Perth, the easiest way is to simply purchase a Transperth SmartRider card that can be used for travel on all public transport types.

You can purchase a SmartRider card at Perth Airport, Transperth InfoCentres and SmartRider retail outlets. As an international student, you’re eligible for a Tertiary SmartRider, which offers student discounts on travel.

Easily access your place of study

Bus and train stations are conveniently located near Perth’s main educational institutions making transport to and from your studies quick, easy and affordable.


Getting around Perth with public transport

Perth has an extensive rail network that connects you to almost every part of Perth with multiple lines heading North, South, East and West from the city to the outer suburbs.

Within the city centre, there is a Free Transit Zone for trains travelling in the area between City West, Elizabeth Quay and Claisebrook stations. You simply need to tap on and off with your SmartRider card to take advantage of the free fares.

For station information and maps, click here.

The StudyPerth Student Hub is conveniently located in the heart of Perth, just a short walk from both the Perth and Perth Underground Train Stations. View the map for directions.

Airport train line

Getting to and from the airport has never been easier, thanks to Perth’s newest train line that provides a fast connection to Perth Airport.

Trains operate every 12 minutes in peak time, every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night.

Download a copy of the Airport Line Timetable.

Buses are available right across Perth. Simply purchase a ticket from the driver or tag on and off using your SmartRider card.

Once you’re in the city, you can take advantage of the free CAT (Central Area Transit) buses that operate daily. They also operate for free in Fremantle and Joondalup.

A free transit zone (FTZ) also operates within the City of Perth boundaries. You can travel on any bus with the City of Perth for free. FTZ signposts are displayed on the route limits.

public ferry operates across the Swan River. You can catch the ferry by using your SmartRider card.

The ferry operates between Elizabeth Quay Jetty and Mends Street Jetty and departs every 15–30 minutes.

Other ways to get around Perth

With a network of dedicated bike paths available to cyclists, it’s easy to get around Perth by bicycle.

All cyclists must wear an approved bike helmet that is securely fitted and fastened.

Learn more about safe cycling on roads and footpaths, and related offences and penalties.

Whether you’re hiring a car, or have your own during your time in Perth, there are some important things to consider when driving.

Remember to keep to the left

All cars, buses, and bikes travel on the left side of the road in Australia.

Learn about the road rules in WA.


If you are a visitor to Western Australia (WA), you may drive only those vehicles that you are authorised to drive on your overseas driver's licence, for as long as it remains valid in the country of issue. If your overseas driver’s licence is not in English, you must carry an English translation of your driver’s licence with you when you drive. Learn about licensing here.

There are several major taxi companies that operate across Perth, including Swan Taxis13cabs and Black & White Cabs.

You can hail a taxi on the street or use one of the dedicated taxi ranks. You can also book one via phone or by using their app.

Popular ridesharing platforms are also available in Perth, including UberOla and DiDi.

eScooters have fast become a popular choice for commuting and recreational purposes in and around Perth.

Available for hire in some suburbs, and now the Perth CBD, they can be a fun and affordable way to get around.

eRideables can be ridden on:

  • footpaths, bicycle paths and shared paths
  • local roads
  • bicycle lanes (on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less)

Learn more about the rules of eRideables in Perth.