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Business Management

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Studying Business Management in Perth

Do you want to be part of a dynamic and in-demand industry where you can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape?

When you study Business Management in Perth, you'll develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead teams, make informed decisions, and solve complex business problems. 

Through a variety of business courses, you'll learn about organizational behaviour, strategic planning, human resource management, marketing, finance, and operations. 

You'll also be able to apply your knowledge in real-world settings by participating in internships, industry projects, or work-integrated learning programs, improving your career prospects.

Student stories

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Theoretical Content

As a student within this broad field, you will gain an understanding of decision making and policy formation, organisational development, planning, financial management and the marketing and selling of goods and services.

The theoretical content includes:

  • Management and administration

  • Human and material resources management

  • Sales and marketing

  • Finance and financial management

  • Human behaviour and time management

Fields of work

This study area comprises the following fields of work:

  • Accounting

  • Business and Management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Tourism

  • Office Studies

  • Banking, Finance and Related Fields

  • Other Management and Commerce

A Business Management degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities across various industries.

The versatility of the degree allows graduates to pursue roles in various industries and sectors, including finance, healthcare, retail, technology, and more.

With a qualification from a leading international education provider, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in this rapidly growing and evolving sector. 

Graduates can pursue careers as a: 

  • Accountant

  • Business Manager

  • Tourism Officer

  • Operations Manager

  • Business Consultant

  • Sales Manager

  • Financial Analyst

  • Marketing Manager

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