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Australian Culture and Diversity

Western Australia is a melting pot of cultures, welcoming people from more than 200 different countries.

A culturally diverse city

Perth is one of Australia’s most diverse multicultural communities, with over 200 nationalities calling Perth home. 

Warm and welcoming, you’ll experience diverse communities, a laidback outdoor lifestyle and a love of sport and nature. 

With a rich, multicultural history, clear blue skies and beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why it’s regularly ranked in the world's top 10 most liveable cities.

A multicultural state

Western Australia is one of Australia's most culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse states, and it’s this diversity that has shaped the city of Perth.

Perth owes its vibrancy and development to the contributions made by its culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

A melting pot of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs, Perth has become a dynamic city, where people from all different backgrounds can share everything this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

Multiculturalism has added to the city's diversity and created a strong sense of inclusiveness, acceptance, and unity.

Culture and the Arts in Perth

Multicultural WA offers a wide range of cultural festivals, celebrations, events, courses, music, performances, and arts.

The many different cultures and traditions which make up our society give our arts a unique depth and diversity. Our Indigenous Australian art draws on tens of thousands of years of spiritual history and brings to life the unique experience of the world’s oldest living culture. Artistic traditions from all over the world converge in Perth to entertain us, move us, make us think and laugh.

Perth is home to various arts, entertainment, and sporting events throughout the year. Check out our list of key events throughout the year.

Western Australian Museum

The WA Museum is the State’s leading cultural organisation, operating for over 120 years.

The WA Museum Boola Bardip, located in the Perth Cultural Centre, is a must visit.

A place to share Western Australia’s many stories, you can learn about our people, our places and our role in the world.

Sport in Perth

As you explore Perth, you'll quickly notice that sports play a major role in the local culture. The abundance of parks, beaches, picnic areas, and riverside activities make outdoor recreation popular. 

Whether it's participating in team sports, watching games, or getting behind your favourite local team, sport plays an integral part in the life of most residents of Perth, and wider WA.

Various competitions and local teams are available throughout the year for cricket, football, swimming, basketball, netball, and tennis, depending on the season. 

Australian Rules Football (AFL) is the nations most popular sport with Perth home to two teams: West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers.

Recreation in Perth

With its near-endless sunshine and outdoor lifestyle, Western Australia has a wide range of recreational activities for you to enjoy. 

You can explore the city's gorgeous beaches, such as Scarborough Beach, Cottesloe Beach, and City Beach, where you can swim, sunbathe, or surf. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, you can visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden, walk along the Swan River, or go cycling along the scenic trails of the numerous parks and reserves.

If you're someone who loves adventure, Perth offers a range of exciting activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, and hiking amidst its breathtaking natural scenery.