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Information for Dependents

Are you bringing your partner or children with you as you make your move to Western Australia? We've provided you a summary of what your partner and/or children are entitled to when residing in Western Australia on your visa conditions.

If you have a Masters/PhD student visa

Masters or Doctoral degree students holding a 500, 573 and 574 visa get free tuition at Western Australian Government schools for their children/dependants during their postgraduate study period at any of Western Australia's five major universities.

These fees will be either paid by scholarship or the government. You must pay other contributions and charges that apply to all Western Australian Government schools.  

If you have a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (482) or Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (457)

If you hold a 457 or 482 Visa, your children are entitled to the same public education opportunities as local Western Australian children. You can enrol your child at your local public school.

A yearly tuition fee of AUD$4,000 applies, regardless of the number of children a family has enrolled in the family (from Pre-primary to Year 12).

If you are on another visa

Are you on a 500, 570, 572 or 573 visa instead?

Children of all other international students on these visa types need to be enrolled as full-fee-paying overseas students for the duration of your visa.