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Careers in Perth

From the booming economy, incredible job prospects and longer post-study work visas, Perth is the perfect place for international students to launch into their dream careers.

Launch your career in Perth

Western Australia is the powerhouse of employment in Australia, with its steady growth rate, low unemployment and wages consistently above the national average.

Driven by its resources, services, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, and entrepreneurial spirit, the State is responsible for more than half of the nation’s exports, with the economy continuing to boom.

With the Western Australian Government investing significantly to further diversify and expand the economy's capacity, Perth is the perfect place to launch your career, with demand continuing to grow for local workers, skilled migrants and graduating international students across priority sectors. 

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WA’s leading sectors


Mining, Energy and Technology


Health and Science


Tourism, events and the creative industries

Rich with the world’s oldest minerals, Western Australia leads the world in providing mining technology and services.

Perth also has the largest concentration of oil and gas corporations in Australia, with over 400 international companies servicing the sector.

A world-class producer of quality agrifood products, Western Australia’s prized exports include seafood, dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat, livestock, aquaculture, grains, pulses, oilseeds, honey, processed foods, wines and beverages. Internationally recognised for excellence in health and medical research and innovation, Western Australia has an outstanding research infrastructure including five universities (three of which have medical schools) and multiple acclaimed medical research institutes.

Western Australia’s defence sector includes advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The sector is supported by tertiary institutions at the forefront of the next generation of defence technologies and innovation – across areas such as information and cybersecurity, maritime, air, space and land.

Western Australia is an acclaimed cultural and tourist destination with spectacular natural wonders, renowned beaches and landscapes, more than 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture and vibrant, diverse communities dotted across the State.

Significant investment in the past decade has transformed Perth into a lively city with exceptional food, drink and retail experiences, creative festivals and iconic sporting events.

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