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Student Engagement and Support Grant Program: Sports Initiatives

Grants Program
1st November 2021 StudyPerth
Grants Program
1st November 2021 StudyPerth

Active Lifestyle Program UWA Sport

Yoga Wellbeing and Fitness Come and Try Sessions provided international students with a set of breathing and relaxation skills, and an understanding of UWA’s fitness facilities. These sessions develop a skillset that allows students to monitor and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Representatives from UWA’s affiliated sporting clubs administered Come and Try Sport Sessions. This was a deliberate attempt to connect international students with club representatives, and thus catalyse international student involvement with UWA sporting clubs. Our current focus is reconnecting with those who participated in Come and Try Sport Sessions, and maintaining their relationship with our affiliated clubs until they can do so autonomously.

Outdoor Recreation Sessions and Learn to Swim classes presented international students with experiences that are unique to Perth, Western Australia. Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking and Cycling allowed international students to participate in new activities and explore sites unique to Perth. Water Awareness and Swimming Sessions allowed students to gain water safety knowledge that they can apply to swimming at Perth sites.

Active Lifestyle Passes were an all-inclusive pass to our recreation facilities and equipment. Students were able to familiarise themselves with the university’s swimming facilities, gym, fitness classes, courts and equipment. We wish to continue to engage students who redeemed Active Lifestyle Passes.

The Active Lifestyle Program received input from multiple departments of our organisation. As a result, our staff had the opportunity to assess the needs of international students, and leverage their abilities to establish a tailored program. This has made our organisation, as a whole, more conscious about the specific needs of international students, and the importance of engaging this large community on campus.

Curtin Olympics Curtin University (International)

International Student Soccer Video Game Tournament Australian Centre

Junior School Basketball Half-Court Phoenix Academy

Swimming Program for International Students

Go Global Immigration Advisors hosted an International Students Swimming Program for 8 weeks with the help of the Student Engagement and Support Grant program.

30 international students from 7 nationalities and 10 education providers participated in the program. The swimming program ran for 8 weeks (July 2021 – September 2021) and aimed to teach international students basic lifesaving skills, as well as spot and avoid dangers when they are around water. By end of this program, students were more comfortable around the water and developed survival swimming skills. This program not only helped students to learn swimming, but also gave them a chance to socialise and make new friends.

There have been a lot of drowning incidents in the past few years. Those involved could have survived if they knew lifesaving skills. If they don’t have basic skills, they will panic in water which makes the situation even worst. The objective of this program was to teach international students basic lifesaving skills and to spot and avoid dangers when they are around water. By the end of this program, more students got more comfortable around water.

According to Royal Life Saving’s Report “Overall, 19.9% of drowning incidents (fatal and non-fatal) involved a person born overseas, an 14.1% increase from 2018/19. This was higher for fatal drowning where 37.9% of incidents involved a person who was born overseas.”

This program huge difference for participants as they have learned a new skill and connect with other international students. We have received very positive feedback from students who attended this program.

Manpreet Mann

Founder, Go Global Immigration Advisors

WAlympics 2021 Malaysian Students' Council of Australia Western Australia 

WAlympics is the largest sporting event for Malaysian students in Western Australia since its inception in 2013. Like 2019, WAlympics will continue to be open for all nationalities to join in experiencing the spirit of unity. As WAlympics has continued to act as a successful platform for students to connect, Malaysian Student Council of Australia (MASCA), Western Australia has decided to continue holding a non-continuous 3-day competitive Badminton, Futsal and Esports tournament during the 2nd semester of the University’s winter break. This event will encourage the practice of a healthy lifestyle for both Malaysian and non-Malaysian University students across WA. Students will also be able to create a stronger bond with each other through competing in this event as it trains them in teamwork and sportsmanship.

Initially MASCA was going to host 3 events namely Badminton, Futsal and Esports. However, we came to the consensus of removing the Esports and Futsal event as well as making the Badminton event a social event instead of a competitive event. The reason for the cancellation of these events is because MASCA is targeting to only get international students for our events and thus led to a lower participation rate because of smaller target participants. Other than that, many international students that were residing in Western Australia have gone back to their respective countries due to COVID-19, thus leaving fewer international students in Western Australia as well as making it tougher to get participants to join the Esports event due to needing everyone to be on the same server to make it a fair competition for everyone. The funds received from Study Perth ($1581.00) would be used for summer ball instead which is the next event hosted by MASCA.