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Anglican Schools Commission

ASC International is part of the Anglican Schools Commission, dedicated to servicing international students wishing to study in our Schools. Our Schools are committed to providing a first-class education that gives students the opportunity to share their cultures, values and experiences.

About the institution

The Anglican Schools Commission has 16 schools across Western Australia, Victoria, and NSW, including one Language school in the city centre of Perth, ASC Language School. ASC International is a part of the ASC and is dedicated to help International students throughout their study journey. We are the only private schooling system in Australia with one set of entry requirements, one application fee and one fee structure as gateway to multiple school destinations.

We care about every aspect of the student’s journey. Our comprehensive range of Student Support services caters to the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our students. Providing your child with a caring and welcoming environment, and ensuring they have a memorable experience, is at the heart of everything we do. Our strong Pastoral Care system is underpinned by policies and procedures which focus on child safety and student well-being.  We recognise that all students are valued as individuals and are guided to be productive, responsible, and caring citizens.