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WA Government International Student Incentives

WA Government International Student Incentives

Here's all the more reason to study in Perth.

The WA Government recognises the cost involved in being an international student and is offering financial assistance through a number of unique new student incentives and scholarships. These are designed to support international students as they set up home here in Western Australia.

The Western Australian Government is committed to supporting the international education sector in WA and has just announced a further three incentives.

$50,000 One-Off Payment for High Achieving International Students

10 x $50,000 subsidies available

The Western Australian Premier’s University Scholarship provides 10 high-achieving international students with a one-off $50,000 scholarship towards their course fees and university costs. Opening 1 March 2024.

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$20,000 One-Off Payment for WACE Graduates

50 x $20,000 subsidies available

The Western Australian Premier’s WACE Bursary provides up to 50 successful international Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) graduates with a one-off payment of $20,000 to assist with their living, travel and study expenses. Applications are now open on a rolling basis.

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$5,000 Regional Bursary for TAFE International Students

200 x $5,000 subsidies available

For a limited time only, get $5,000 to study, work and live in regional Western Australia.

For students starting February or July 2023 and 2024, there are 200 bursaries of $5,000 available for eligible students who will be supported to find work and accommodation.

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$1,500 Student Accommodation Subsidy

Update - Monday 4 September 2023, applications for Round 4 have been paused, due to reaching the maximum capacity of subsidies available. No new submissions will be accepted while this Round is paused.

The Western Australian Government International Student Accommodation Subsidy will provide eligible international students with a one-off $1,500 payment to help them set up home in WA and alleviate expenses like rent and furniture. 

Funds available for Round 4 are limited. Please ensure you read and complete all the required information and documentation carefully.

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