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Cost of Living

Perth has some of the lowest living expenses in Australia for international students.

Day-to-day living costs in Perth for international students are lower than some of the other major cities in Australia (and worldwide), making it one of the most affordable destinations to study in!

Like anywhere, the cost of food, entertainment and accommodation depends on your preferences. However, as a student in Australia, you are entitled to student discounts and will easily find an array of free and ticketed events throughout the year.

Students also receive a significant discount on public transport, especially if they autoload their SmartRider. Plus, all Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are FREE and you can travel anywhere on public transport in Western Australia for no more than a two-zone fare.

Cost of Living Calculator

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Student Hub Events

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From employment workshops and destination day trips to other exciting social activities, StudyPerth hosts a range of events to help international students get the most out of their Perth experience.

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