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The Most Insta-Worthy Spots in Perth

Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth

Are your Instagram photos always featuring the same walls in Fremantle and cute cafes in Northbridge? Need something to freshen up the Instagram feed a little?

It’s time to venture past the standard photography locations in Perth and explore all the breathtaking locations Western Australia has to offer. Make amazing photos and even better memories in these spots that will add colour, fun and conversation to your social accounts. Armed with a camera and a good tripod, you’re sure to become the next Perth influencer!


Crawley Edge Boatshed

Known by locals simply as the Blue Boat House, this iconic structure has sat on the Swan River since the 1930s.

South Perth City Skyline

For the best view of the city, head to the South Perth Foreshore and admire the skyline from across the Swan River.

The Container Rainbow

One of the best places to go in Perth for an iconic Instagram photo is the aptly named “Rainbow”. Made from shipping containers, the rainbow-coloured arch sits between the bridges at Beach Reserve. The one-of-a-kind structure attracts visitors from all over, many of whom take the opportunity to snap a picture in front of it.

Elizabeth Quay

This bustling waterfront precinct is packed with restaurants, bars and public artwork, and plays host to events throughout the year.

Araluen Botanic Gardens

If you want to explore the Perth Hills, Araluen Botanic Gardens is that burst of colour you need for your feed, and it’s just under 40 kilometres from the city. With a plethora of waterfalls, flowerbeds, fields, trees and walking trails, there are endless Insta-worthy backdrops. The gardens’ biggest attraction is the vibrancy of the gardens and flowerbeds. If you’re lucky enough to visit between August and September, the tulip festival will liven your Instagram feed even more with its lush colours.

Quairading Pink Lake

What Insta-worthy list would be complete without the famous Quairading Pink Lake? A short two-hour drive from Perth, this uniquely coloured lake is a popular spot for photography in Perth. The lake is split by a road, which means that you can drive between the two bodies of water, which sometimes feature distinct colours. The contrast is not only breathtaking in person but it makes for incredible Instagram photos!

Canola Fields

Want bright colours but pink isn’t your thing? Add some yellow to your Instagram feed at PetTeet Park, York, a little over 90 kilometres from Perth. From August to September, catch the canola fields in bloom and get some great shots frolicking through the harvest. PetTeet Park is the only legal place to take photos within the fields without worrying about damaging the crops, so you can frolic and snap away to your heart's content.

Keep your eyes peeled to PetTeet Park’s Facebook page for updates on when they are opening for the season and other activities on offer.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is an extremely popular photo destination - and it’s easy to see why! With its many white-sand beaches, basins and selfie-friendly quokkas, it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo here. Take a quick 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle wharf and you’ll end up on this picturesque island, making it an awesome option for a day trip.

The Pinnacles

One of Western Australia’s greatest national wonders, The Pinnacles are a little further afield, located 192 kilometres from the city. That said, the trip is well worth it for the photos. This sandy destination feels like it came out of the movie Dune, which won an Oscar for its cinematography, so you know this is a spot with great photography potential! Follow the lead of Perth Instagram influencers, many of whom have taken snapshots with these fragile structures, some of which reach 3.5m in height. This must-see destination is sure to add a unique mood to your feed.

Golden Valley Tree Park

If you’re looking for a dreamy autumn landscape that isn’t as well-known, the Golden Valley Tree Park is your best bet. Located 230 kilometres from Perth, the 60-hectare landscape has picturesque views, an abundance of orange, yellow and green leaves, and is known as a “celebration of trees”. What makes this location so unique is how the light filters through the forest and hiking trails in the early morning, creating a serene addition to your feed.

The Bell Tower

Home of the famous Swan Bells, the towering glass Bell Tower is where Perth meets the Swan River.