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The Best Study Spots in Perth

Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth

Sometimes, the best way to get yourself into a study mindset comes down to location. When you find the best study spot in Perth, doing your readings, writing that pesky essay or taking lecture notes can become much easier. Of course, everyone is different; certain people find the bustle of a café calming, others want to study in a group of peers and others require total silence. 

So, if you’re wondering where to study in Perth to suit your unique study style, look no further. Here are six of the best study spots in Perth to focus and get on your study grind.

StudyPerth Student Hub | Perth 

The StudyPerth Student Hub is an expansive and collaborative space dedicated to international students, making it a great place to meet like-minded people while you study. Located at 555 Wellington Street, Perth, the space has many free facilities for you to use such as printing services and a coffee and tea station. Plus, with its very own café expected to open shortly, it will soon be known as one of the best study cafés in Perth.

Need a study break? Luckily, the study space doubles as an ideal place to relax, with free video games and board games at your fingertips. From 28 March onwards, the Hub will be open from Monday to Friday from 9am – 7pm, and from 10am – 6pm on the weekend.

City of Perth Library | Perth 

If you love to study in quiet spaces, the City of Perth Library is a great place for you. With free WiFi and endless books to fulfil your research needs, this library is a go-to study spot for many students. Students can study individually on a couch or seat, or book a meeting room on Level Five for a maximum of 2 hours for collaborative study. 

The library is open from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday; 10am – 4pm on Saturday and 12 – 4pm Sundays. It is located in the heart of the city, at 573 Hay St — a brief walk from Perth Station on the train line. 

State Library of Western Australia | Perth

Another library in a prime Perth location, the State Library of Western Australia is ideal for students looking for research resources. This library is home to many older books that are difficult to access online but can add an extra edge to your essays or research tasks. Membership is free and provides you with numerous free services, such as access to cultural and intellectual events. There’s also a quaint café - widely considered one of the best study cafés in Perth - on the ground floor for a study snack or coffee.

The Library is embedded within the Perth Cultural Centre, located at 25 Francis Street, Perth. Opening hours are 9am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5:30pm on Fridays and 10am – 5:30pm on the weekends. 

The Moon Cafe | Northbridge

There are perks to studying in the liveliness of a café. The Moon Café, tucked away in Northbridge, is one of the best study cafés in Perth. Offering ample power points, Importantly, free WiFi, and tables for individuals and groups, the café is ideal for students. Plus, since it doesn’t close its doors until midnight, it’s ideal for late-night study sessions. 

If you are studying at a café, be aware that it is courteous to the business to purchase a small drink or snack every two hours. You should also avoid staying there for long periods if the café is extremely busy; instead, consider moving to a different café or a nearby library.

The Tenth State | Crawley

If you attend the University of Western Australia (UWA) and you’re wondering where to study in Perth, you don’t need to look far. Just outside the UWA campus, you’ll find The Tenth State, a large indoor-outdoor café and grocer. With offers large outdoor tables for groups and quiet indoor tables for solo studiers, you’ll have no trouble settling into this cosy space for a few hours of focus. Plus, with a delicious food menu and tasty coffee, you’ll boost your brainpower with ease.

When it comes to the best study spots in Perth, this list is just the beginning. To find your ideal study location, explore the surroundings of your area, looking for tranquil cafés, green spaces and libraries. Happy studying!