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Student Story: Muhammad Naseem

Student Stories
23rd August 2023 StudyPerth
Student Stories
23rd August 2023 StudyPerth

My name is Muhammad, and I'm happy to be here to share my insights as an international student here in Perth.

Where will I take my parents when they visit Perth?

One of the most crucial deciding factors would be the weather. Fortunately, we are coming into spring, a beautiful time of year here as everything is very green and the sunshine is prevalent. So, their first visit would be to the orchid and cherry blossom festivals. In September, there are more beautiful wildflowers than imagination; seeing their sights and taking in their smells would make you want to believe in God.

While they were still high on the smell of the wildflowers, I'd take them fruit picking, probably peach, nectarines or strawberries, depending on what is ripe.I would then take them to the Royal Perth Show as it's perfect for both children and adults as there is so much to see and do there.

Then there are so many naturally beautiful places like the Swan Valley, Serpentine Falls, and the Pink Lake, old towns steeped in history like York and Northam, iconic holiday destinations such as Busselton and Margaret River, and of course, the best beaches in the world! The cherry on top is Fremantle markets and our small, beautiful Perth city with enough skyscrapers to call it a modern city but not too many so you can still find a parking bay! And there you have it: three months' worth of beautiful memories, pride for their son's awesome guide skills and their hearts full of love having spent this time with their grandchildren!

Why did you decide to study in Perth?

Perth is at the top of the world's list of schools and colleges. ECU has secured a spot in the top 50s, where I study. In addition, WA has a thriving economy, so there are more job opportunities than people! In fact, I haven't encountered a more polite and civilized society where one can work, study, build meaningful friendships and enjoy a great lifestyle. To live a beautiful life, one needs safety, opportunity and sociality, and Perth has all three, plus many more.

Why did you apply to become a StudyPerth International Student Ambassador?

I worked as an international student Support Officer with MATEinOz for a year, from 2017-2018. During this time, I worked alongside StudyPerth on many projects, and I got so much satisfaction from that work, more than I found anywhere else. So, I knew I would love the opportunity to work with them again.

As an international student, I have some fantastic stories to tell about my time here in Perth. I'd like to share them with newly arrived students to help them feel welcome, to tell them that they're going to be okay, and, more importantly, they are going to be loved for their personality without the need to change anything.

By Muhammad Naseem