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Student Story: Gabriella Angelica

Student Stories
7th June 2023 StudyPerth
Student Stories
7th June 2023 StudyPerth

International Student Ambassador Gabriella Angelica, talks us through her experience studying in Perth through a short Q&A.

Why did you choose to study in Perth?

The first time I visited Perth was 3 years ago on vacation and I instantly fell in love with this city. I decided to take on higher education in Perth and to my luck I was accepted into The University of Western Australia, the best-ranking university in Western Australia.

What do you love most about living in Perth?

The overall work-life balance and lovely people give an amazing, supportive environment for growth. Not to mention the breathtaking nature and picturesque sceneries everywhere across Western Australia.

What do you love about your studies and institution?

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Molecular Sciences and Master of Biomedical Science, majoring in Biochemistry in the University of Western Australia. I especially love the vintage university setting of UWA; immersed in nature, trees, flowers, and animals such as: ducks, dogs, and even peacocks just roaming around freely. It gives a relaxing vibe whenever you step outside between classes/lunch breaks amid your busy — and sometimes stressful — uni life.

What would you like to do after you finish studying in Perth?

I aspire to have a successful career in the biomedical field and envision myself contributing to research in advanced developments in medicine and human health.


By Gabriella Angelica