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Student Story: Anahita Bozorg Nia

Student Stories
22nd June 2023 Anahita Bozorg Nia
Student Stories
22nd June 2023 Anahita Bozorg Nia

Hi, my name Is Anahita Bozorg Nia. I am currently studying Information Technology at Edith Cowan University. I moved to Perth from Iran in March 2022. 

My journey as an international student started in 2020 when I decided to discontinue the course I was studying back at home and pursue something new and different than what I was doing at the time. I had visited a few cities in Australia with my family before, but I had never been to Perth. However, after doing a lot of online research and asking friends and family who lived in Australia, I felt like Perth was the city that had everything I wanted. 

I was looking for a place with highly ranked universities, good entertainment, convenience, safety, good weather and friendly people at the same time as not being overly crowded and busy. I decided to take the risk and move to Perth even though I had never visited this city before, and since the first day I stepped in Perth, I have never looked back at my decision. From the very first day, I fell in love with the beaches (in particular, Iluka Beach) and the peaceful atmosphere. Even up until now, my friends and I love to head to the beach to relax at least once a week. 

I chose to live in my university's student accommodation, and it has so far been the best decision I made. The student community here is beyond supportive and welcoming. It almost feels like I have a second family here which really helped me whenever I felt homesick.

If you are a new student in Western Australia, my number one tip would be to make as many friends as you can especially if you are here alone. I would recommend attending events held by StudyPerth or your education provider where you can meet new people. StudyPerth’s International Student Welcome Day event was the very first event I attended when I arrived in Perth. I met many new international students like myself, and we are still friends to this day. 

My second tip would be to take your time and explore the beautiful nature and wonderful places in Western Australia. Studying for a long time can be overwhelming, so to relax your mind, I would suggest that you also put time into going on day trips with the friends you made and exploring stunning new places all over the state.

My third tip would be to reach out and use the available support for students here. All universities have a variety of student support and aside from that, StudyPerth provides great support for international students. Most of this support is free, so why not use them while you can?

Initially, I learnt about StudyPerth through social media. I followed them on Instagram and subscribed to their newsletter where I would be updated about the events going on each month. Staying connected with StudyPerth really helped me overcome the loneliness I felt at the beginning after coming here. So, I decided I wanted to be a part of that team. I chose to be an Ambassador so I could meet new students and help them out if they ever need me.

With that said, I would love to see you at our upcoming A Taste of Iran event, which I'll be hosting!

By Anahita Bozorg Nia