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Perth’s Guinness World Records

Live in Perth
20th July 2020 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
20th July 2020 StudyPerth

We all know that Perth is a pretty cool place, but did you know there are quite a few world records that have been verified in Perth?

We’ve taken a look on the Guinness World Records website and found heaps of interesting, unusual and downright bizarre world records that occurred in Perth. Here are a few of our favourites!

The largest, longest and tallest…

Largest gathering of people dressed as Harry Potter – This record was achieved by 997 participants at West Byford Primary School on 22 November 2017. All participants had to have a wand, glasses, Hogwarts school uniform and fake scar on their forehead.

Largest coin – The Perth Mint houses the world’s largest gold coin on record, which is legal tender and has a face value of $1 million Australian dollars (though it is estimated to be worth more than $50 million). The coin weighs 1,012kg, measures roughly 80cm in diameter and 13cm in thickness, and is made from bullion with a purity of 99.99 per cent.

Largest collection of coins from the same year - This collection comprised of 51,504 coins from the same year (all 5 cent pieces from the year 2006). The collection, which was verified on 22 August 2015, belonged to Samirbhai Patel in Perth.

Longest jump between two Swiss balls - The longest jump between two Swiss balls was at a distance of 2.3m, and was recorded at the Zest Health club on 25 August 2006.

Tallest inflatable slide – This slide measured 22.4m, and was recorded at Xscape at the City at Belmont Park 19 February 2016.

… And the slightly more unusual

Most valuable lip art – Specialist diamond jeweller Rosendorff successfully attempted this record on 7 September 2018. The lip art, which was worth $757,975 Australian dollars and had a total carat weight of 22.92ct, comprised of 126 individual diamonds and took 2.5 hours to place on the model’s lips.

Most hula hoops spun simultaneously (waist; team) - The most hula hoops spun simultaneously on the waist by a team was 409. The record was achieved by Happy Healthy Hoops in East Perth on 6 July 2019.

Most balls juggled whilst suspended upside down – On 3 February 2018, circus aerial performer Zane Jarvie achieved the record of the most balls juggled whilst suspended upside down (five balls).

Most bikini waxes (four hours) – On 12 June 2004, Lareesa Guttery entered the record books when she gave 262 clients a bikini wax in four hours at the Every Woman's Expo, which was held at the (now demolished) Burswood Dome.


Finally, while the records above focus on Perth, it should also be noted that Western Australia also holds the record of largest political constituency ever. The Kalgoorlie Australian federal parliamentary constituency covers more than 2,600,000 square kilometres, which covers an area greater than the whole of western Europe.

What Guinness World Record have you always wanted to try and break? Have you ever attempted to break a record? Tell us all about it by tagging us on social media (@studyperth)!


*Records mentioned above were current and verified as of 20 July 2020.