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All You Need To Know About OSHC

Live in Perth
23rd April 2020 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
23rd April 2020 StudyPerth

Australia has a special system of health insurance cover for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

You must have health cover for the length of your enrollment as part of your student visa requirements. What does my OSHC cover? While you are studying in Perth, your OSHC will help to pay for any medical or hospital care you may require. It will also contribute towards the cost of most prescription medicines and an ambulance in an emergency.

Please note that, OSHC does not cover dental, optical or physiotherapy. If you want to be covered for these benefits, you will need to pay for additional private health insurance.


Your educational institution can arrange health cover for you, as they most likely have an agreement with a specific OSHC provider. However, you do not have to stay with your institution’s preferred provider – you can choose your own. Here are a few providers for you to consider:

  • AHM

AHM is one of Australia’s largest health insurers providing affordable health insurance for overseas students studying in Australia. AHM OSHC also provides services to help students settle into Australian school life. These include orientations, interpreter service, emergency medical assistance, stress and trauma counselling, direct billing and more. AHM OSHC also offers Extras cover if required.

  • Allianz

Visit the Allianz website for local information relating to direct billing doctor locations and on campus representative information. Watch an information presentation to better understand the benefits and use of OSHC with Allianz Global Assistance or refer to the simple guide and frequently asked questions.

  • Bupa

In Australia, Bupa is the largest private health insurer, drawing on our international expertise and experience to provide members with better healthcare services, support and advice. Bupa Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) can help ensure you’ll be covered for the cost of medical treatments if you get sick or have an accident, plus help you meet your visa requirements. As a Bupa member you will also have access to great member benefits and exclusives as well as access to a large network of support including a 24 hour student support line, extensive doctor networks and more.

  • Medibank Private

Medibank Private is one of Australia’s largest private health insurers offering students additional services as part of their OSHC including: face to face service at about 100 Medibank stores across Australia, 24/7 emergency assistance (call 1800 234 601), and access to discounts on things like movie tickets and magazine subscriptions through feel better Rewards.

  • nib

At nib, they understand the complexities of healthcare and offer visa-compliant cover and smart solutions for international students in Australia. Their health management capabilities, delivered through digital tools, are designed to enhance students’ mental and physical health, contributing to better academic and lifestyle outcomes. With nib, international students don’t just live in Australia - they thrive.

You can also compare Australian Government-approved providers through the OSHC Australia website.


If you feel like you and being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of by your OSHC provider, you can contact the free Private Health Insurance Ombudsman service.

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