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Perth's vibrant international student community

Social & Networking
31st March 2022 StudyPerth
Social & Networking
31st March 2022 StudyPerth

Moving to a new country to study can be daunting especially if the country has a significant difference in language and culture. Some change their minds and decide to not study abroad for this very reason. Others choose a country that will at least have a similar culture. However, studying in a country with rich cultural differences is beneficial. Not only you can enrich yourself with cultural knowledge, but you can also build a broader global network that will benefit you in the future.

Perth, one of the most popular study destinations in Australia, is committed to building a strong international student community. StudyPerth is one of the communities available for international students to join. StudyPerth has fostered a vibrant student community where international students can socialise, share information and help each other during their education journey in Perth.

StudyPerth offers monthly events for international students, ranging from fun and subsidised activities like cave yoga and destination day tours, to cultural and food events. The community is getting even stronger with more and more students arriving in WA and deciding to join the community. Every time tickets go on sale, they mostly sell out within a couple of days. This just goes to show how eager international students in Perth are to socialise and build their connections.

Just arrived in Perth? You may like to join StudyPerth's FREE Welcome Day and City Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, 18 March.

Additionally, StudyPerth has a Perth International Students Facebook Group that you can join. Some students post their questions in the group and others happily respond. Some also use the group to share job vacancies available in Perth which is very helpful for those looking for a job. Students also love to share news about fun events happening in Perth.

Apart from the group created by StudyPerth, universities and other educational providers are also actively building international communities within their organisations. Be sure to check out any events or groups you can join at the institution you are enrolled at.

For example, The University of Western Australia has a specific department within its student guild that focuses on looking after the welfare of international students studying at UWA. At Curtin University, they have International Student Committee (ISC). Other educational institutions also have a similar program within their organisation for international students.

No matter which avenue you choose, you are sure to feel the warmth of Western Australia's student community.

By Ratih Dewi