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Student Engagement and Support Grant Program: Colombian Independence Day

14th September 2021 StudyPerth
14th September 2021 StudyPerth

In late July, LMB Education held their Colombian Independence Day: Breakfast With Culture event at The Student Housing Company, The Boulevard for international students.

International students from Colombia and of different nationalities gathered to celebrate this special day for the Colombian community.

Not only did students immerse themselves in this beautiful culture, but they also had the chance to connect with friends old and new. Together, the attendees enjoyed a traditional Colombian breakfast, live performances to the rhythm of Latin music and many other fun activities.

Through music, food and entertainment activities, the students felt in a warm environment, reaffirmed their roots and strengthened their student community bond. All the students were very grateful for the activity and happy with the idea. Students from other nationalities felt included and were very happy to learn about Colombian culture through food and presentations.

The project made such a difference in the students' community. They conveyed their happiness and gratefulness in the positive feedback we received during the event and after. We learned that activities, where students feel identified, can make a great impact on their mental health and life while they are studying in Perth.

We also earned these activities help to find out student needs, and the warm environment enabled students to express emotional problems they are going through.

Laudyse Mejia
LMB Education