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Student Speaking Club

Practice your language and speaking skills with us!

Ready to improve your public speaking and language skills? Come and practise with us! StudyPerth in partnership with Rostrum WA hosts our own StudyPerth Student Speaking Club on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in our Student Hub.

At each meeting, trained coaches will provide you with tips:

  • to overcome stage fright and nerves,
  • to master aspects of vocal delivery such as tone of voice and pitch,
  • on the do’s and don’ts of body language, and
  • to engage with your audience through interaction and storytelling.

Our speaking club provides a safe, interesting and supportive environment in which members can develop their confidence and public speaking skills. We hold an ever-varying and wide variety of exercises to maintain the interest of members and to challenge the more experienced members.

What are the benefits?

By regularly attending our Student Speaking Club, you will:

  • Develop the communication skills and courage you need to speak confidently (through reading aloud, prepared speeches, storytelling, debating etc.)
  • Build confidence in speaking English even if it is not your first language
  • Be active in a network of other students
  • Gain practical skills and confidence for your next group assignment, job interview, work presentation or speech at a special occasion



How do I register or sign up?

Interested in improving or growing your public speaking skills? Want to see what being a part of the club is like?

You are welcome to attend your first meeting at no cost!

Simply email to let us know that you are coming along or to ask any questions.