Volunteering In Perth

One of the best ways to meet people and feel more connected to the Western Australian community is to volunteer while you study in Perth.

If you don’t need the extra income or would like to give your time to the local community while doing something fun and meaningful, you should consider volunteering with one of Perth’s many charitable organisations or community programs.

Volunteering will provide you with new opportunities, many of which will help you learn about yourself and others, while offering pathways to future career opportunities. Having volunteer experience listed on your résumé or transcript will also make you a stronger candidate when applying for jobs while you study and when you’ve graduated.

Many of Perth's education institutions have strong ties to local and national charities. Why not find out about volunteer groups and programs at your university or college ? Below are some ways you can connect with volunteer programs while you study.

No matter where you are studying in Perth, Volunteering WA can help you connect with a variety of community organisations for short-term or long-term volunteer opportunities. They can help you find a worthy organisation that aligns with your studies and interests, helping you get the most out of your volunteering experience.

Find out more on their website.

Each of Perth's universities has an established volunteering program, where you can register to volunteer on and off-campus , with some universities even offering to recognise your volunteering activities on your academic transcript.

See each of the university volunteer programs below: