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Student Story: Phoebe (Hui) Wang

Student Stories
14th June 2023 StudyPerth
Student Stories
14th June 2023 StudyPerth

Hi, my name is Hui Wwang. I am currently studying Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Kaplan Business School. I moved to Perth from China in October 2019.

Studying in Perth was not my plan. I was on a working holiday visa after completing my bachelor’s degree in China. My initial plan was to travel around Australia for 1 year and return to China to develop my career. However, my plan changed as the more I explore the country and the more people I meet. I found myself fall in love with this land. I love its nature, friendly people, outdoor activities and especially its cultural diversity. I travelled from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and then settled in Perth. By enjoying my life in Perth the most, I met amazing friends from Yacht Club, workplace, events, etc. Therefore, I decided to further my study in Perth, my favorite city in Australia.

(Won the first place in the sailing competition at Royal Perth Yacht Club)

(Survived from the river and got life-saving skills)

My experience in Perth at UWA and Kaplan Business School has been satisfying. Multiculturalism is a unique characteristic of Australia, accepting different cultures which makes it easier for me to find familiar food, customs, and traditions. It connects me with people from different backgrounds, and the diversity of people gives me the opportunity to learn from others and share my own experiences with others. I see myself growing a lot since the beginning of my study journey in Perth. I am so amazed that such a diverse culture exposes me to uncountable new ways of thinking and different ways of doing things. Even though I don’t have family here, Australia gives me a sense of belonging.

(Made best friends from India, Finland and Nepal)

It could be very challenging for international students to come to study in a new country and make a new life here. Trust me, you are not alone! I felt homesick and overwhelmed by the cultural and linguistic differences. I felt lonely and a bit lost when I did not have any close friends. That’s the main reason why I want to become a StudyPerth Ambassador. I wish that I can help you get connected to activities and make friends by sharing my experiences with you. I want to show the beauty of Perth and the high learning standards Perth has provided.

I am currently studying for my MBA at Kaplan Business School. I value what Kaplan has given me. The great student support, endless student activities, the high engagement between lecturers and students, and the small class foster a greater sense of community among students and help me to build stronger relationships with my peers and professors. I used to study at UWA which is a great university providing a different teaching mode and studying environment than that of Kaplan.

I enjoy helping people and love giving, so please feel free to contact me if you ever want to hear my study story or have any questions you want to ask me. 


By Phoebe (Hui) Wang