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Student Story: Eleanor Farrah Anne Steven

Student Stories
11th August 2023 StudyPerth
Student Stories
11th August 2023 StudyPerth

Hi! My name is Eleanor Farrah Anne Steven. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting & Business Management at the University of Western Australia. I moved to Perth from Malaysia on the 5th of February 2022. 

I embarked on this journey to Perth on my own, as circumstances then did not allow for my family members to assist me in settling into a city that I have not been to before. I still remember the feeling I had at the departure hall – the thrill of a new adventure all on my own, the excitement and nervousness of travelling to somewhere completely new, and the sense of calm above all the noise – solidifying the fact that I was ready for this new chapter. 

Perth, Western Australia was known for its laid-back, relaxed lifestyle, which is such a huge difference from the scene in my hometown. Hence, WA became my ideal choice of destination to further my studies as I wanted a change from the chaotic, busy city life with massive crowds that I had back home. Furthermore, Perth’s rich and diverse culture made the transition to Perth significantly easier as, coming from a multicultural country and experiencing the same inclusivity, I felt a sense of familiarity in Perth.  

Despite their easygoing nature, the people of Perth are some of the most hardworking and efficient people that I have observed during my time here. The lifestyle here strongly emphasizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance which I have learnt to adapt to. It is one of the reasons why I love studying in Perth. It has definitely been a learning curve for me to study smarter and to maintain a social life. In addition, the friendships that I have built here has also contributed to the positive experience that I have had in Perth. 

During my weekly catchups with friends during the weekends, we would always find new activities to try out together like bowling, darts, escape rooms, arcades, mini golfing, go karting or even axe throwing! There are loads more of activities that we have yet to try like rock climbing, snorkeling, and water biking to name a few. It is such a great bonding experience, plus it creates unforgettable memories. Furthermore, café hopping and trying out new restaurants every other week is another favourite pastime of ours, due to the many different cuisines as well as the abundant cafés around Perth. 

The three tips that I would give to prospective students who are thinking of studying in WA are: to step out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to new experiences, to have minimal expectations, and to just take that leap of faith. It can be daunting to start a new chapter in an unfamiliar place, but it would be one of the most memorable experiences that you would have with abundant opportunities and little regrets.  

The three tips that I would give to current students who are already here in Perth are: to not be discouraged when things do not go exactly to plan, make lots and lots of mistakes – as this is the time to make them, and it is also where you will be able to grow as a person – and to just have fun! There can be times when it can get stressful with assignment deadlines nearing plus never-ending commitments, but it is important to remember that it never hurts to have a day off. 

I heard about StudyPerth from an education agent back in Malaysia who suggested browsing their website to keep up to date on current news and events on anything related to international students. Upon my arrival in Perth, I have attended a few social events organized by StudyPerth as well as utilized the Student Hub that they have in the city. 

I was motivated to become a StudyPerth Ambassador because I realize how lonely and terrifying it can be living in a new country all on your own without your usual support system by your side. Therefore, I hope to ensure that both prospective and current international students feel like they belong in this beautiful and diverse city, by connecting with them through sharing my experiences and listening to theirs, and that their journey as an international student in Perth is a memorable one. 

By Eleanor Farrah Anne Steven