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Department of Education (Public Schools)

WA Dept. of Education: Quality education for international students, flexible pathways, diverse subjects, English support, visa subclass 500 accepted.

About Department of Education (Public Schools)

The Department of Education delivers high quality education to students in government schools across Western Australia.

We support international students to achieve their best, with flexible study pathways and internationally recognised qualifications. Our schools not only provide students with a world-class education, but an abundance of opportunities for them to dream, discover and learn about the world, and themselves.

Students select subjects that reflect their strengths and interests to ensure they achieve their best and graduate with the skills to succeed. Subject choices are available for different pathways, such as university, further training, or employment. We support the dreams, abilities, and interests of every child.

Students with a student visa (subclass 500) can apply to study at our schools. Students are required to enrol for a minimum of two school terms. Once enrolled, students have the opportunity to attend an Intensive English Centre, where they can receive English language support.