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Sharmaine Guiao

Medical Laboratory Technician 

Qualification: Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques 
Company: Clinipath Pathology   
Year of Graduation: 2020 
Education Provider: North Metropolitan TAFE 
Country of Origin: Philippines  

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your story is. 

My name is Sharmaine Guiao and I was once an international student here in Perth way back in 2019. I studied Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques in North Metropolitan TAFE not just to limit my knowledge in Clinical Laboratory but also to expand into many fields like mining and engineering laboratories. 

What was your main reason(s) to select Perth as your study destination?

The weather is great, and it is not too crowded. The cost of living is way cheaper than any other state.  

Are there any other notable experiences from your time studying you’d like to share?

I could say that juggling studies and work was the real challenge and deal for me, but it was also the most revealing and proudest part of my life, I have learned a lot along the way.  

Tell us about your experience since leaving TAFE – how has your career progressed to date? Any professional achievements you’d like to share?

It helped me secure a laboratory job. I was a Hospital Scientist in the Philippines, but I was able to work in a Mining Laboratory because of my certificate from TAFE, even without working experience from it.  

As I progressed into my career, I came back to the clinical laboratory and am now working in a histopathology department as a laboratory technician, and I am currently being trained as a laboratory scientist.  
What are the top 3 skills you need in your role as a Laboratory Technician? 

  • The ability to learn and use complex laboratory equipment 
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Troubleshooting/ Problem Solving 

What have you enjoyed the most about living and studying in Perth? 

I enjoyed meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and learning to adapt to a new environment  

What would you say to students thinking of coming to Perth to study? 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and expand your knowledge. It is definitely a great investment for yourself. 
If you could tell your graduate self one piece of career advice, what would it be and why? 

Just don't give up. It seems hard to start a new career in a foreign country but know that everything will fall into place. 
Did you use any of the StudyPerth service offerings during your time studying? And if so, which support services were helpful? 

Welcome Pack in the airport and I have also been in touched with one of the volunteers (Cleo Magbanua) since I greatly appreciated his help as a newcomer.