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Anjali Verma

Graduate Metallurgist 

Qualification: Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Honours
Year of Graduation: 2023
Education Provider: Murdoch University
Job Title: Roy Hill Graduate Program
Employer: Roy Hill
Country of Origin: India

Tell us a bit about yourself; what is your story?

I am from India. I came to Perth in 2019 and started my Bachelor of Engineering Honours straight away, specialising in chemical and metallurgical.  It was challenging for me because of the format of studies, otherwise the course material was similar to my own country. When I started my studies, I knew to make myself stand out I needed to get as much experience as I could while studying so I started to look for internships in my second year.  

What was your main reason(s) to select Perth as your study destination? 

The main reason for me to choose Perth as my study destination was that my uncle was here, and my parents felt confident in sending me to Perth knowing there was someone who could take care of me and help me if needed.  
After coming to Perth, I realised this was the best decision I made as the people here are really welcoming and I can see a lot of diversity which makes me feel comfortable and not discriminated against by other students at university or work. 

Are there any other notable experiences from your time studying you’d like to share? 

The best experience from my studies would be working in groups with my friends and troubleshooting the problems which we can’t do as an individual and having fun too while doing that.  
Another notable experience I would say was having such great tutors who were always there to help, no matter whether you have study-related problems or just general issues at university, they were always ready to help.

Tell us about your experience since leaving Murdoch – how has your career progressed to date? Any professional achievements you’d like to share? 

When I was in my last year of studies, I was working as a metallurgical technician at Bureau Veritas, a mineral processing lab. I loved working there so I told my manager that I would like to get a permanent role if possible. While I was in my last semester they offered me a graduate metallurgist role, and I took it. They were considerate about giving me a manageable workload as they knew I was still working on my final-year thesis at university. The experience of working there was incredible, I was appreciated by my team leader and the manager and that meant a lot to me.  
Even though I loved working there, I wanted to have some onsite experience, so I applied for the Roy Hill graduate program, and after a bunch of interviews, I got in.  

What are the top three skills you need in your role as a graduate metallurgist/ process engineer? 

 The top three skills I use as a metallurgist are: 

  • Giving proper and clear instructions for the task which needs to be done. 
  • Working efficiently in a team.  
  • Respecting everyone’s thoughts/contributions irrespective of their posts.   

What have you enjoyed the most about living and studying in Perth? 

The vast culture and diversity we follow in Perth. For example, I would celebrate my festivals and others too, same with all the people; they love to try different traditions and culture and respect them too. 
I would also like to mention the helpful behaviour of all the people here, they are always ready to help you if they can.  

What would you say to students thinking of coming to Perth to study? 

I would say it is a great idea to come to Perth for studies as you won't feel isolated here because of the multiculturalism around you. You will have everything you need to live and study here; you just need to ask.  
Never be scared to ask any questions to your fellow students, teachers or even any person on public transport, everybody understands that you are new here and would be happy to help you. 

If you could give your graduate self one piece of career advice, what would it be and why? 

One piece of advice I always give myself is to never stop learning and never settle for less. I always tell myself that, “the sky is the limit”. I feel like learning never stops no matter which profession you are in.

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