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Our Favourite Places to Relax in Perth

Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
24th March 2023 StudyPerth

Are you caught up in the loop of long hours of study and tiring lectures? If you’re finding yourself in need of some self-care and relaxation, you’ve come to the right place.

Breaking away from your studies and taking a breath of fresh air is the perfect cure to wind down and escape the stresses of student life. From beaches to parks, there is an abundance of chill places in Perth to help you slow down and prioritise your mental wellness.

Step away from the four walls of the classroom and check out these six places that are sure to offer some well-earned relaxation.


Hyde Park 

Highgate is home to one of the cosiest and most popular peaceful spots in Perth: Hyde Park. The large and scenic park is just very close to the city and is easily accessible via public transport. It is uniquely distinguishable by two abundant basins in the centre, which create an infinity loop from a bird’s eye view. Sweet-toothed visitors can grab a treat from the park’s ice-cream vendors and enjoy their snack in any of the several seating spots. With lush greenery, water fountains and flocks of nesting ducks, Hyde Park will leave you feeling at ease in its tranquil embrace.

Mosman Park

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore. Known as one of the most peaceful beaches in Perth, Mosman Beach is an ideal spot to visit if you need to relax. As the only beach in the Perth metropolitan area with an artificial surf reef designed specifically for surfers, it’s also a great place to catch a wave if you’re hoping to get in the water. Otherwise, lounge in the white sands and embrace your very own mini holiday in Perth.

Lesmurdie Falls

The view from Lesmurdie Falls is not only breathtaking but serves as a pick-me-up that will make you feel like you can take on the world! Nestled in the Mundy Regional Park, these falls are the largest in the Perth Hills and definitely one of the most spectacular on the Darling Range escarpment. Head to the lookout platforms at the top to soak up a stunning view of the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth City. With a wide range of easy hikes available, this destination is sure to rejuvenate and relax you.

Point Peron

Point Peron is one of the most renowned chill places in Perth. With close proximity to the ocean, this charming coastal area offers both seclusion and serenity. Here you’ll find limestone cliffs fit for hiking, rock pools and caves to discover, and you might even be lucky enough to spot a cheeky dolphin! Allow the sea breeze to blow away your troubles, dip your feet in the pristine water, and collect shells to wind down for the day.

Victoria Gardens

Victoria Gardens lies just east of the city and has the free Yellow CAT bus stop right in front for your convenience. Whether you opt to lounge in the grass or take a leisurely stroll around the grounds, there is so much relaxing to be done here. The gardens offer spectacular views of the river and city, and there’s even intricate Indigenous artwork on display. You can also explore the popular walking trail, which winds through Claisebrook Cove to Matagarup Bridge. It’s the perfect place to forget your worries, slow down and appreciate Perth.

South Beach

Hoping to take a quick dip to lower your stress levels? Then South Beach is the place to be. Known as one of the most relaxing beaches in Perth, the water here is always calm thanks to its outlying reef. There are also many nearby cafes and restaurants if you’d like to treat yourself to a quick lunch. Located a five-minute drive from Fremantle, South Beach is undoubtedly one of the most chill places in Perth.

Kings Park

Kings Park is a go-to spot to unwind and soak up views of the city, Swan River, Canning River and the Darling Ranges. Here you can hike up Jacob’s Ladder for a more vigorous activity or discover Perth’s rich Indigenous history. The botanic garden features 3,000 species of Western Australia’s unique flora, while the parklands, bushland trails and gardens span 400 hectares. With so much to explore and learn, a visit here is an easy way to distract yourself from your everyday stresses