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COVID-19 Support for International Students

Live in Perth
8th March 2022 StudyPerth
Live in Perth
8th March 2022 StudyPerth

After two years, international students are once again returning to Perth.

Whether you're an incoming or current international student in Perth, you might be wondering what COVID-19 support is available for you. Here's what you need to know about the rules currently in place and Western Australia’s response to COVID-19.

Testing Resources

Did you know that those currently residing in Perth can register for 5 free RATs per household?

For those arriving at Perth Airport, be sure to collect your free RATs as you exit the terminal. If you bring RATs from your home country, you’ll need to ensure they are TGA-approved for use in Australia.

At any point, you can find the best advice on COVID-10 testing and isolation requirements (as well as translated advice) on the WA Government website. If you're unsure about when to get tested or isolate, this detailed guide by the WA Government may come in handy.

If you do not have a RAT readily available, you can take a PCR test instead. Simply find your nearest COVID-19 testing facility here. As an international student, you will not be charged for a PCR test at public testing clinics.

Depending on stock, RATs are available to purchase at several locations in Perth.

Disaster Payments

Upon settling in Perth, many international students decide to work part-time to fund their studies. For some, losing work for even a few days due to COVID-19 can have a lasting impact on their financial wellbeing. Fortunately, there are systems in place to protect those in these circumstances.

If you have to miss work due to contracting COVID-19 or due to isolation as a close contact, you may be eligible for financial relief in the form of disaster payments, including the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment. Learn more about eligibility criteria and how to access the payment as an international student here.

Additionally, Western Australia has introduced a Test Isolation Payment Scheme to support people isolating while waiting for PCR test results.

Please note that you cannot receive both of these payments together. With that in mind, research your eligibility and apply for the one that best aligns with your circumstances.

Helpful Apps

There are several apps that will help ensure you meet COVID-19 protocols while studying and living in Western Australia.

If you’ll need to quarantine at any stage, be sure to download the G2G Now app. This app uses a check-in system that allows authorities to monitor your quarantine, if you have been directed to do so.

The SafeWA app is the WA Government’s digital contact register system. For now, international students can check in with SafeWA and show either an Australian COVID-19 digital certificate or a copy of their vaccination certificate from their home country (in English), and an accepted form of ID, such as a passport.

ServiceWA is a broader app that, when registered, allowed the user to access the SafeWA check-in and show proof of vaccination, all in one place and without the need to show additional identification. At the moment, the majority of international students may not be able to use the ServiceWA app due to the types of Australian ID documents requested. However, if a student has a WA Drivers Licence, this can be used alongside their visa and home country passport to access the app.

International students are also encouraged to have their vaccination status recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register to access their digital vaccination digitally. To do this, you will need to go to a registered vaccination provider in WA (like a General Practitioner or pharmacy) and show your foreign vaccination certificate to organise to have your COVID-19 vaccination recorded with the Australian Immunisation Register. You will then be issued a COVID-19 Certificate, which will be recognised by the ServiceWA App when you may be able to use it.

Free Wellbeing Support

StudyPerth is committed to supporting and promoting positive wellbeing for international students. If you are experiencing any anxiety towards COVID-19 or any distress in general, please be reminded that StudyPerth offers a free wellbeing support service for international students. This can be accessed in person in Mirrabooka, Cannington, our Student Hub or virtually online.

Learn More

Do you still have questions about COVID-19 support available in Perth? Contact us and a member of our team will do our best to direct you to available resources.