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Tsubasa Wada

Country of Origin : Japan

Institution: Murdoch University 
Program: Master of Professional Accounting 

About Me: 

I'm Tsubasa Wada, a passionate student pursuing a Master of Professional Accounting at Murdoch University. I was born and raised in Japan! I possess a naturally curious nature that fills me with excitement whenever I step into new environments. This innate curiosity has been a driving force in my personal and academic pursuits, motivating me to seek out diverse experiences and continuously expand my horizons. 

Why I Chose WA: 

In 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a year as an exchange student at Murdoch University in Perth. That year turned out to be a life-changing experience for me. It was during my time in Perth that I fell in love with this beautiful city and its unique charm.

Top 3 Aspects I Love about WA: 

  1. The stunning landscapes, from the pristine beaches to the breathtaking parks and gardens. 
  2. The quality of education and the dedication of the professors. 
  3. The kindness and inclusiveness of WA locals made me feel at home. 

Career Aspirations: 

Embarking on my journey towards future aspirations, I am driven to strategically leverage the robust accounting knowledge I am currently cultivating.  

As an international student, navigating diverse academic and cultural landscapes has instilled in me a unique perspective, enhancing my adaptability and global awareness. I envision seamlessly integrating this multifaceted experience with my evolving accounting expertise to propel my career forward. By aligning academic pursuits with real-world applications, I am not only preparing myself for the challenges of the professional landscape but also fostering a solid foundation to make meaningful contributions within the dynamic realm of accounting and finance.