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Country of Origin: Bhutan

Institution/University: Edith Cowan University 

Program/Field of Study: Masters in Project Management  

About Me:  

I am currently pursuing a Master's in Project Management at Edith Cowan University. I have completed my Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University in India.  

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of working with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which has equipped me with essential skills in project management, event coordination and stakeholder relations.  

I am a self-motivated individual and love to meet new people. I love hiking, travelling and listening to music. 

Why I Chose WA: 

  1. Educational excellence with a diverse range of programs.  
  2. Perth’s cultural diversity showcases cultures around the world and accepts international people.  
  3. It’s natural beauty, wonderful weather, a fast-growing economy and networking opportunities. 

Top 3 Aspects I Love About WA: 

  1. Friendly and diverse neighbourhood 
  2. Fantastic food culture 
  3. Pleasant climatic condition  

Career Aspirations:  

As a business student, my aim is to embark on a successful career path as a business leader, fostering a significant positive impact and exploring new opportunities. I find great satisfaction in managing diverse projects, which motivated me to enhance my proficiency in project management further by studying project management.