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Kristawan (bebell) Sujivarodom

Country of Origin : Thailand

Institution/University: Mount Lawley Senior High School 

Program/Field of Study: WACE 

About Me: 

Hi! I’m Bebell Sujivarodom, a high school student in WA from the busy city life of Bangkok, Thailand! Since I was little, I have been naturally drawn to projects that include public speaking, personal artistic endeavours, creative problem-solving, and language learning. Likewise, I enjoy spending my free time dabbling in art, learning about cultures, and enjoying the company of others. 

Why I Chose WA: 

I chose Western Australia primarily for its reputation for safety and its state-of-the-art education system. Being in WA allows me to stay relatively close to home while still experiencing independence and acquiring essential life skills. This opportunity enables me to develop confidence in myself and make sound, critical decisions as I grow and mature. 

Top 3 Aspects I Love About WA: 

  1. Variety of opportunities available for people all over WA 
  2. Exposure to the multicultural community and open-minded people. 
  3. The safe environment as you stroll along the beautiful sceneries around WA 

Career Aspirations 

I have a deep-seated desire to pursue a career that blends my interests in both science and art. Dentistry stands out as a field that allows me to explore this balance. Additionally, I am also passionate about languages and the exploration of different cultures. I believe that languages provide a direct pathway to discovering diverse communities and embracing new cultural experiences.