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Keamuhetsoe Masiane

Country Origin: Zimbabwe

College: DNA Kingston Training College  

Program: Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety  

About Me:  

My name is Keamuhetsoe or Kea, and I am aged 24. I am from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. I speak four languages from my home country. I have a genuine passion for Labour law Protection, Workplace Health and Safety. I have a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) from the University of Zimbabwe, a certificate in WHS from DNA Kingston in Western Australia, and I am currently pursuing a diploma in Workplace Health and Safety.  

With over a year of work experience as a Tax and Compliance Research Assistant, I look forward to engaging in more research as the years go by. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music and watching African TV shows. I love the storytelling and portrayal of the different cultures. I also love good comedy shows and singing. 

Why I chose WA:  

There a lot of opportunities here and the scenery is beautiful. 

Top 3 Aspects I love about WA:  

  1. It is a multicultural place. 
  2. There are a lot of travel destinations to choose from 
  3. The people are friendly, and it’s Safe.

Career Aspirations:  

I aspire to push the boundaries of innovation in the Legal Arena by advocating for better use of technological innovations and sustainability that uplift Labour standards and the safety of workers in the workplace.