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Kathleen Yee

Country of Origin : Malaysia

Institution: Curtin University 
Program: Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance 

About Me: 

My name is Kathleen Yee. I am passionate about learning new skills to enhance my living experience and to help others as well. I also like to cook and bake, which I often do for my family and now to my friends in Perth. I look forward to connecting with the International Student community and working with StudyPerth.

Why I Chose WA: 


 WA embodies the essence of a home away from home for me. Its diverse communities and excellent standard of living suit someone like me who often feels homesick. Additionally, the city's high-quality education system was a significant factor in my decision to study here. An added benefit is the abundance of student discounts available at various establishments, making tertiary studies here even more appealing.

Top 3 Aspects I Love about WA:  

  1. The inclusivity and multiculturalism
  2.  A lot of opportunities  
  3. The stunning beaches! 


Career Aspirations: 

Upon graduation, I want to create meaningful work and help give back to the place that has offered me all the opportunities to succeed. I plan to engage in corporate social responsibility and advocate for sound financial policies, along with specializing in ethical investing and embracing technology and innovation, allowing me to contribute to a broader societal well-being beyond traditional financial role, try to make the world a better place through numbers and spreadsheets.