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Karma Tenzin

Country of Origin : Bhutan 

Institution: Murdoch University  

Course: Master in Community Development  

About Me: 

I am a passionate and driven individual with a keen interest in personal and professional development. I believe in constantly challenging myself to grow and learn, both academically and personally. 

Why I chose WA: 

I chose WA because of its reputation for fostering a supportive and innovative learning environment. I am impressed by WA's commitment to academic excellence, its diverse community, and its emphasis on practical, real-world learning experiences. I believe that WA will provide me with the resources and opportunities I need to succeed in my academic and professional endeavors. Of course, not forget the beautiful breathtaking environment.  

WA offers the ocean of opportunities to all. 

Top 3 aspects I love about WA: 

  1. Supportive Community: One aspect of WA that I truly appreciate is its strong sense of community. From faculty members to fellow students, everyone is dedicated to helping each other succeed. I value the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that permeates the campus. 
  2. Innovative Teaching Methods: WA employs innovative teaching methods that go beyond traditional lectures and textbooks. I am excited about the prospect of engaging in hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that will allow me to apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations. 
  3. Career Preparation: WA places a strong emphasis on career preparation and readiness. I appreciate the institution's commitment to providing students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to excel in their chosen fields. I am confident that the resources and support offered by WA will help me achieve my career goals. 

Career Aspiration: 

My career aspiration is to be a social worker and bring positive changes. I am passionate about community issues and love trying to solve. I believe that with the education and support provided by WA, I will be well-equipped to pursue my career goals and make a positive impact in my chosen field.