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Jan Andre Aquino

Country of Origin : Philippines

Institution: Edith Cowan University 
Program: Master's of Professional Communication

About Me: 

I'm Andre Aquino, and I'm a communicator at heart. I believe that by understanding one another and engaging in clear and effective communication, we can solve today's issues. I encourage people to negotiate, talk, and work together peacefully towards the things that matter to them. I enjoy meeting new people, and I came to Australia to hone my skills and broaden my perspective so that I could help everyone I possibly could. 

Why I Chose WA: 

WA was like my second home, even before I arrived. I have family here who easily made the transition to Australian life due to its laid-back and welcoming nature. I also chose WA because it had great a great variety of environments to visit, places to see, and stories to tell. The city has a wonderful history for those who are willing to dive into it. 

Top 3 Aspects I Love about WA: 

  1. Relaxing and laidback atmosphere. 
  2. Great outdoor locations and environments. 
  3. Driving here is fun and easy, and the city is quite walkable, too! 

Career Aspirations: 

With my degree in Professional Communication, I hope to make my way high up in either government or corporate work so I can mediate discussions of vital issues. I want to help people help themselves and find common ground with others so that we can all live peacefully with one another.