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Abrar Singh Virdi

Country of Origin : Bangladesh

Institution: Canning College 
Program: Western Australia Universities’ Foundation Program  

About Me: 

I'm Abrar Singh Virdi, an ambitious and passionate student studying at Canning College in the Year 12 Foundation Program for International Students. I’m from Bangladesh, where I have been involved in various co-curricular activities regarding debating and IT Olympiads and have excelled in those areas. Moreover, I am quite passionate about cooking and learning new skills to broaden my capability to adapt to different situations. Apart from that, I enjoy engaging with people, and share ideas along with experiences which may be of help to others in their way to achieve their aspired goals.  

Why I Chose WA: 

  1. Firstly, its esteemed educational institutions are known for nurturing some of the finest minds.  
  2. Secondly, the city's diverse population fosters a welcoming atmosphere for people of all races and ethnicities, which is especially significant in the education sector.  
  3. Lastly, WA’s open and captivating environment provides a solid foundation for settling into a new place. 

Top 3 Aspects I Love about WA: 

  1. The simple yet beautiful lifestyle  
  2. Mind-blowing public recreational places such as Scarborough Beach, Swan River, Kings Park, etc. 
  3. The diversity within the community and the high level of religious tolerance fostered in the region. 

Career Aspirations: 

Upon finishing my Year-12 Foundation Program, I aim to venture into either Software Engineering or Genetic Engineering, paving the way for me to pursue a career in either of these fields.