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Aarjan Shrestha

Country of Origin: Nepal

Institution/University: Curtin University  

Program/Field of Study: Master of Commerce (Marketing) 


About Me:  

I am Aarjan Shrestha, pursuing a master of Commerce majoring in marketing at Curtin University. I am originally from Nepal but raised in India. I have a big passion for traveling and fashion. Considering myself an extrovert, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and forming new friendships. 

Why I Chose WA:  

I chose Western Australia (WA) because of its incredible multicultural atmosphere and the presence of some of the most stunning beaches in Australia. Perth, with its welcoming people and prestigious universities, became my top choice for living and studying. 

Top 3 Aspects I Love About WA:  

  1. WA's stunning beaches rank among Australia's most breathtaking, attracting nature lovers like me. 
  2. The diverse and hospitable community of WA reflects a rich multicultural tapestry, with humble and down-to-earth individuals. 
  3. WA's dedication to fostering a healthy work-life balance culture is commendable. Prioritizing personal time amidst hectic schedules is crucial for overall well-being. 


Career Aspirations: 

My career aspirations revolve around becoming a successful entrepreneur and establishing my own brand in the future. However, before achieving this goal, I aim to work with prominent brands in the industry, collaborating closely with production teams. My focus will be on contributing to the creation of sustainable product designs to promote environmental responsibility within the fashion industry.