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Aurelia Saraswati

Talent Resourcing Coordinator

“Listen up more, be confident and do not hesitate to build your network.”

Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce, International Business
Year of Graduation: 2023
Education Provider: Curtin University
Job Title: Talent Resourcing Coordinator 
Employer: Hays Recruitment
Country of Origin: Indonesia 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your story is. 

I came from Indonesia as an international student at Curtin University. In high school, I always wanted to move out from my hometown to explore and meet new people from different backgrounds. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in July 2023, and I’m currently working as a Recruiter at Hays Recruitment.  

What was your main reason(s) to select Perth as your study destination? 

Perth is close to home. There’s also no big time difference from home. So, it is very easy to be in touch with my family.   

Are there any notable experiences you’d like to share from your time studying? 

Curtin is amazing for international students. There was so much support available for us. When I first arrived in Perth, I lived in student housing, and it was the best decision ever! I met so many new people; I could just go to my friend’s room when I felt lonely; I would meet them when I’d have lunch or dinner. They also organised formal dinners from time to time as well, and it was an amazing experience! Moreover, I could just walk to my classes!  

Tell us about your experience since leaving Curtin – how has your career progressed to date? Any professional achievements you’d like to share? 

I was fortunate enough to secure an internship and part-time opportunity in the administration space before I graduated from university. I believe it helped me secure my current role with Hays as a recruiter. I was quite driven to work for a big company in Perth.  

After three months in the role, I received an award that recognised outstanding performance within the team of 17, which was voted for by the people.  

What are the top 3 skills you need in your role as a Recruiter? 

I would say great communication, interpersonal skills and time management. You have to be driven as well! 😊  

What have you enjoyed the most about living and studying in Perth? 

It’s really peaceful. It’s always great to get out from a busy and hectic city to a more peaceful city. I also love the people; they are lovely! I can’t forget about the weather; it’s great!!  

What would you say to students thinking of coming to Perth to study? 

If you are looking to get out of a busy and hectic place, Perth is an amazing city for you. Also, don’t worry too much about not finding friends here, there are so many different avenues to meet people at university.  

If you could tell your graduate self one piece of career advice, what would it be and why? 

Listen up more, be confident and do not hesitate to build your network. It is important to believe that we are capable of doing what we want. We need to build and think about how we can achieve our goals. Sometimes, it can come from the people around us.