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Student Story: Arunima Paul Chaudhuri

Student Stories
12th July 2023 StudyPerth
Student Stories
12th July 2023 StudyPerth

Hey there! So, I see you have come across my story. Well, first of all, here's a warm welcome!

Let me start off with a bit of an introduction. My name is Arunima Paul Chaudhuri, and for those of you who might have some trouble pronouncing it, you can call me Ari. I am a fellow international student from Curtin University studying for my Master of International Business and Entrepreneurship at the Bentley campus. If you see me out and about, feel free to come to say ‘Hi’.

As any other international student looking for a global university experience, I searched various options across the world over a span of 8 months. My needs were simple. I wanted a reputable university to study at, a climate that was neither too hot nor too cold (much like my home country, India) and a course that wouldn’t burn a hole in my pocket. And somehow, Perth was one of those places that ticked all the boxes.

I reached Perth in March 2022 after a 36-hour solitary journey from India via Melbourne, but all my fatigue went down the drain the moment I felt the vibe here. Quite frankly, Perth had a reputation of being an isolated location, and everywhere I read, they had the same idea. To anyone curious enough to know, I don’t agree with this notion. If I were to describe Perth, I would say it is indeed preserved from the world but thank God for that. One of the reasons for every little adventure turning into a great memory is the exclusivity with which we can move around in Perth. But then, being an international student is such a thrill in itself. Anybody who is here looking for a destination to study, look no further. Perth is everything I could ask for and much more. Be it the beauty in its landscape or the sheer perfection in the little urbanisation, Perth literally screams the best of both worlds.

Living at the heart of the city, which we Perthites call the CBD, I bear witness to the amazing food options the city has to offer. Perth also excels in art and culture, and as international students, we do end up participating in many of them. There is something for everyone out there, and what’s even more interesting Perth is known for its hidden gems, which I am still discovering one weekend at a time. Even though I had few family members in Perth, I opted to live in a shared uncommon living. These student accommodations are perfect for people who like to have vibrant surroundings and meet new people. Another aspect of living in the city is the easy accessibility factor. The transport system is excellent and well-coordinated, which enhances the student experience with budget-friendly travel options.

I am a firm believer in embracing opportunities and going head-on toward a challenge. And for the same reason, I conveyed my interest in becoming an ambassador. The first association I had with this organisation was as a clueless international student stuck in the COVID-19 era. StudyPerth had helped me on countless occasions with the most accurate information, especially the border updates. Since then, I had a wish to give back to the same student community which supported me through my journey in Perth.

Being an Ambassador for such esteemed organisations as StudyPerth gives me immense joy. My aim is to provide support to the international student community and promote the good name of StudyPerth through my actions. As a business student, I am looking forward to building a professional network with peers, executives and industry leaders via this platform. If you feel you are in a similar situation, all I have to say is believe in the process. Great things are coming your way.


By Arunima Paul Chaudhuri