Student Engagement and Support Grant Program FAQs

  • What are the objectives of the Student Engagement and Support Grant Program?

    The Grant supports the following objectives:

    • To improve student mental health and wellbeing;
    • To increase student engagement with the community;
    • To increase student satisfaction with living and studying in Perth;
    • To maintain pipeline of onshore international students studying in Perth, WA.
  • What are the key dates?

    Please refer to the Grants Program Guidelines for full details. Below is a brief summary.



    Grants Applications Open

    12:00PM AWST Tuesday 30 March 2021

    Grants Applications Close

    11:59PM AWST Wednesday 9 June 2021

    Grants Applications Assessed

    Wednesday 14 April - Wednesday 16 June 2021

    Notification of decisions

    Friday 16 April - Thursday 17 June 2021

    Payment of Grant Funding

    Friday 16 April - Thursday 1 July 2021

    Final date for all Grant funded projects to be implemented

    Tuesday 31 August 2021

    Acquittal of Grant

    Tuesday 14 September 2021

  • Who can apply for the Grant?

    The following organisations may be eligible for the Grant:

    • A CRICOS registered education or training provider located in Western Australia that is also a StudyPerth Member;
    • An industry body representing a group of CRICOS registered international education and training providers in Western Australia;
    • A non-education organisation whose primary purpose relates to providing services to international students in Western Australia;
    • Consular Corps;
    • A student or community group or association representing or providing services to international students in Western Australia;
    • Body corporate (non-CRICOS registered) whose primary purpose relates to the international education and training sector in Western Australia and/or providing services to international students in Western Australia; or
    • An incorporated not-for-profit organisation whose primary purpose relates to the international education and training sector in Western Australia and/or providing services to international students in Western Australia;
    • Unincorporated not-for-profit organisation whose primary purpose relates to providing services to international students in Western Australia;
    • A Western Australian local government body in which a CRICOS registered international education and training provider is domiciled.

    Organisations must:

    • Operate in Western Australia or provide services that support international students currently living and learning in Western Australia;
    • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or details of auspice organisation that has an ABN that can accept funding on your behalf;
    • Have been operating for more than 12 months at time of application;
    • Have full insurances. A copy of public liability insurance will be required with the application.

    Grants will be available to eligible recipients to be used to deliver initiatives to support all current onshore international students in Western Australia including higher education, ELICOS, vocational, high school and study abroad students.

  • Do you have to be a StudyPerth member to apply for the Grant?

    No. CRICOS registered education providers are required to be a StudyPerth Member but the Grant is open to the wider industry sector.

  • What can the Grant funds be used for?

    The Grant money can be used to fund initiatives/projects for current onshore international students in Western Australia that meet at least one of the program objectives. The following are some examples:

    • events;
    • work experience and internship programs;
    • training programs;
    • promotions and competitions that encourage engagement with other international students and/or local students and/or community;
    • purchase of equipment to enhance on-site experiences, ie entertainment equipment;
    • sporting, cultural or health programs and activities;
    • services to provide necessary amenities to support international students.
  • What can’t the Grant funds be used for?

    The Grant funding cannot be used for the following:

    • activities that do not align themselves with the objectives of the program;
    • any activity that will take place outside of Western Australia;
    • staff salaries unless the cost is directly related to the grant project;
    • activities designed to raise funds or for the organisation;
    • alcohol at events (alcohol can be served but cannot be funded from the Grant funding);
    • activities designed to promote the organisation;
    • legal fees and insurance costs not related to the grant project;
    • political or lobbying activities
    • retrospective activities completed prior the start of a funding agreement.
  • Can funding be sought for a pre-existing project/initiative?

    No. These programs aim to support new and innovative projects and are not for pre-existing or ongoing projects unless the funding will allow an extension of the initiative or would not have gone ahead without the Grant funding.

  • Can applications be made for projects to fund organisations’ business as usual operational costs (i.e staffing positions, consultants, advertising)?

    No. All funding received must be directly related to the project costs. Administration costs for the project must be covered by the applicant. A list of what will not be funded can be found in the Grants Program Guidelines.

  • What is the maximum Grant amount available?

    The maximum Grant amount possible per application is AUD$10,000 GST exclusive. Cooperative Grant proposals will be assessed. The Grant is project specific. For project proposals for amounts greater than AUD$10,000 you may wish to consider applying for the the Innovation Project Fund which supports novel, collaborative projects, no greater than AUD $50,000 in value. 

  • How much of the project cost can be requested as Grant?

    There is no requirement for organisations to contribute to the project unless it goes over the maximum grant amount, the Grant can cover the full cost of the project. A budget is required as part of the application process. Please refer to the Grants Program Guidelines for details.

  • Can one organisation submit more than one Grant application?

    Yes. An organisation can submit more than one application if the funding is for separate projects or for projects represented by different departments within the one organisation.

  • Can organisations make a joint application?

    Yes. Organisations can submit a cooperative Grant application for joint funding.  The application needs to be made by a single organisation which will accept responsibility should the application be successful. The application must identify each of the partners (with individual organisations’ details) that will add to the applicant organisation’s capacity to deliver the project.The application will need to provide details of governance and accountability of each partner organisation.

  • Is there a limit on the level of funding per application and organisation?

    Yes. The limit of funding per application is AUD $10,000 GST exclusive. This is allocated per application (project) and not per organisation.

    StudyPerth will endeavour to ensure a fair distribution of Grant funding across sectors and organisations.

  • Will all applications receive Grant funding?

    No. The application process is competitive and has a limited total grant pool. It is anticipated that there will be multiple applications competing for the available funding.

    Successful applications will be those which best meet the objectives of the program, can demonstrate a need for the project, provide a cost-effective budget and can demonstrate that the organisation applying has the capacity to deliver the project within then Grant implementation timeline.

  • Do I include GST in the project budget?

    The budget provided should be exclusive of GST. The Grant amount will be provided as exclusive of GST.

  • How will Grant funding be issued and will it be received prior to the project implementation?

    At time of notification, successful Grant applicants will be requested to invoice StudyPerth for the awarded Grant amount. Payment will be made within five (5) business days from invoice date. It will be the applicants’ responsibility to provide StudyPerth with an invoice within the required project timeline.

  • Will unsuccessful applicants be provided with feedback and have the opportunity to re-apply?

    Yes. A brief summary of why the application does not meet the criteria will be provided to unsuccessful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply within the Grants Application Open period. Final date for which applications will be accepted is 11.59PM WST Wednesday 9 June 2021.

  • How will I know if the Grant funds are exhausted?

    A notification will be placed on the Student Engagement and Support Grant Program page if the grant funds are exhausted.

  • How do I apply for the Grant?

    To apply for the Grant please complete a Grants Application Form and submit it to StudyPerth via email: by 11.59PM WST Wednesday 9 June 2021. Please read the eligibility criteria in the Grants Program Guidelines before commencing the application to ensure you meet the necessary criteria. 

  • When will I be notified if my application is successful?

    Applications will be assessed on a weekly basis between Wednesday 14 April - Wednesday 16 June 2021, aligned to when the application is received.

    Successful applicants will notified by email, within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of their application, between period of Friday 16 April – Thursday 10 June 2021. 

    Successful applicants must acknowledge and accept the Grant offer within 10 business days of the notification.

  • How long do we have to start and complete the project?

    All initiatives/projects associated with the Grant funding must be implemented and/or completed by Tuesday 31 August 2021. StudyPerth may consider additional delivery time for projects on a case-by-case basis after reviewing progress and milestone reporting. Requests for extensions can be made in writing to StudyPerth and the decision is at the discretion of the Grant Selection Advisory Panel.

  • Will I be required to write an acquittal?

    Yes. Acquittal and Grant reports is a formal condition of funding.

    If you do not provide a satisfactory acquittal and Grant report, StudyPerth may deem you will be ineligible to apply for further grants or request a return of Grant funds.

    All invoices and expenses related to the Grant funding must be issued to StudyPerth by the 14 September 2021. A Grant Progress Report will be required.  Details and templates will be provided to successful applicants.

    The acquittal and Grant reports help us evaluate the achievements of funded activities, monitor the effectiveness of Grant categories and ensure the initiatives are consistent with the Student Engagement and Support Grant objectives.

  • Will I need to refund any unspent money?

    Yes. StudyPerth will invoice you for any unspent or misspent funding on the project as a debt due and payable.

  • Who will assess the Grant application?

    Eligible applications will be assessed by a Grant Selection Advisory Panel represented by:

    • StudyPerth
    • Department of Jobs Tourism Science and Innovation
  • Will late applications be accepted?

    No. Applications will not be accepted after the published closing date and time, being 11.59PM WST Wednesday 9 June 2021. If you are having problems submitting your application, please refer to the Grants Program Guidelines or email well in advance of the closing date and in time to seek assistance.

  • Can I appeal the decision in relation to the outcome of a selection process?

    No. A decision made about Grant funding is final and cannot be appealed.

  • Who is the point of contact for questions regarding the Grant program and application process?

    Please ensure you read the Grants Program Guidelines.

    If you require help or support submitting an application, please contact Program Coordinator Loretta De Stefani via email or call (08) 6244 1640.